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It started with a simple idea: sporty and casual shoes for unconventional people. Invented by an entrepreneur family that puts local production and a healthy wearing feel first. The result: a style that embodies the American spirit of freedom which perfectly suits the Californian sun, the French surfer beaches or the Berlin boulevards. Okabashi stands for cool shoe fashion for people who want to make a difference. 100% recyclable, 100% American made, 100% healthy. By the way: Our name comes from Japan and is a reminiscence to the Far East idea of reflexology – an idea that you easily can experience in our characteristic footbed.

The Okabashi





Made in USA

Each pair of Okabashi shoes is made to order and assembled by hand. Our on-site manufacturing allows for unmatched quality control and attention to detail. Our factory and design team are located in our 100.000+ square foot factory in Buford, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.

Ergonomic Design

Our shoes are designed not only for comfort but also for therapeutic qualities incorporated into every Okabashi footbed design. Our enhanced massage beads, arch support, and sculpted heel cup will ease your every step.



Every Okabashi is manufactured in our Zero Waste facility in Buford, Georgia, and contains up to 25% recycled content.


Non-Slip, Non-Marking &Anti-Microbial

Okabashi shoes are slip-resistant, non-marking, and designed to provide stability on both wet and dry terrain.


Our proprietary Microplas technology provides a light weight comfortable shoe that is also durable.



Our nonabsorbent material makes our shoes machine washable and easy to sanitize. They never fade, making it easy to keep your feet clean and healthy.

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